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All your

offline file management

in one single app.

MZFileManager is the one-stop file manager along with a powerful download manager, playlist manager and much more!

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Fully featured file manager!

By Muhammad Zeeshan


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A better way to manage files

Fully featured download manager, file manager and playlist manager

Download Manager
  • Simultaneous download of multiple files.
  • Background downloading of large files.
  • Resuming interrupted downloads.
  • Show detailed statistics of download task.
File Manager
  • Easy file sharing over WiFi.
  • Support operations e.g. Move, Copy, Paste, Delete etc.
  • Search and sort files by Name, Kind, Date, Size.
  • Preview supported files within the app.
Playlist Manager
  • Create unlimited playlists.
  • Allows background multimedia playback.
  • One click play for playlist.
  • Gesture driven advanced video player.
More Features
  • Import and export files with other apps using extension.
  • Sharing files over AirDrop.
  • Editing PDF files on the go.
  • Quickly scannable grid / list view for saved files.
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Great Great Great

it's impossible to make a better download manager thankyou. Just one suggestion pleae add multi-thread downloading to increase speed like internet download manager on windows


5 Stars - USA

Good app

I love how it downloads the large files while app is in the background and also notifies timely when download finishes. With this app i can easily export downloaded files to my pc wirelessly. The only concerning thing is this app needs direct link to download files, it will be awesome if it detect the download file automatically 👌


4 Stars - Pakistan

Awesome app

Exactly what i was looking for. Effortless file sharing with my windows The only thing that need to be done is it should also support other file formats apart from audios and videos to open with in the app.

usaama effendi

5 Stars - Pakistan

Need a clone? Simple flat pricing

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What's included

Use for unlimited projects
Free support for 45 days
Reskinning (with additional charges)
New features (with additional charges)

Pay once, use anytime

$300 USD
Evaluate by downloading free from AppStore

Xcode project size ~ 200MB


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Muhammad Zeeshan

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